The Coyote and Roadrunner Play Golf

Golfing obviously involves being outdoors and is a great way to get out and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer, even if it is man-made. I’ve seen a lot of incredibly amazing golf courses, but when I play on one that has wildlife incorporated into it, it makes the experience that much better. But I didn’t know the Coyote and Roadrunner also play (you know, the unforgettable duo of Looney Tunes fame).

roadrunner on golf course


Here you see the roadrunner crossing my cart path. He didn’t seem to worried about our presence there. He was too busy chasing his next meal. “Beep Beep!!”

coyote on the golf course


Then there’s the coyote. I almost ran him over by accident. He was laying down in the shade of a large tree and I didn’t see him until he jumped up and moved out of the way. I saw these two guys about two holes apart from each other. Although I didn’t have a good golf score that day, the views definitely made up for it.

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