Focus On All Clubs, Not Just One

As a golfer you may find yourself focusing on a specific club or club type to improve your hits. Although you may be tempted to practice only on hitting with your driver for several days or weeks, you may be hurting your overall swing. This is especially true for beginners. Everyone wants to drive the ball far and straight and this results in many players only hitting the range with their woods and driver. The stance and back swing is very different between woods and irons. If you concentrate too heavily on one type of club over an extended period of time, you may find that you’ve improved your swing with one club and lost the technique with another because of neglect.

The Solution

Learning to get equal swing practice can be easily accomplished by hitting your practice balls in a particular way. Start with your driver and woods and work your way up the irons; hybrid, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, sand wedge. Hit at least 5-10 balls with each club. This gradual step-down process will help you to make minor adjustments as you move from one club to the next. Too many times when practicing, golfers will pick an iron to hit with, then their driver, then back to an iron.

If you have a habit of topping the ball this random hit order will only make things worse, for a few reasons. First, hitting off the tee means you don’t need to stay down as low through your swing. Then making an abrupt change from a driver hit off the tee to a 9 iron hit of the ground will most likely result in topping the ball again. If you make consecutive hits with several irons off the ground you’ll get into a rhythm of staying down and low. This is just one example of why hitting all of your clubs in order at each practice session is effective. This is especially true for beginners who need consistency and a set routine to feel comfortable with all club types.

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