It’s One O’Clock – Time to Cure Your Slice

How To Fix Your Slice

As they say, “time is of the essence”. In this case, time could be the source of your slice; well sort of. There can be many reasons you’re slicing the golf ball. Everything from your stance, to your up/down swing, to your grip can all be factors in making your golf shot tail off instead of going straight down the fairway. On this quick and simple post we’ll show you the importance of your left hand grip position (for right-handed hitters).

Only Time Can Tell

The best swing you can have begins with your grip and the way your hand is positioned; particularly your left hand. Notice I said “the best swing YOU can have”. Don’t worry too much over what the pros are doing. They’re pros for a reason and the average backyard golfer type like you and I have to find what’s best for us and our limitations.

Image #1 - 12 O'clock Thumb Position (click to enlarge)

When you look at Image #1 above you can see the left thumb is at the 12 O’clock position. The club face looks squared to the ball. What you may not realize is that the potential to rotate your left hand in a clockwise direction during your swing can cause your club face to open up too much. This results in a club face position as pictured in Image #2 below.

Image #2 - 12 O'clock Thumb Position with Hand Rotated Clockwise (click to enlarge)

You see, if your thumb is positioned at the top of the club grip, or 12 O’clock position, the potential to rotate your hand during the actual swing increases. There can be more “play” in the club face causing the club to open up resulting in a slice.

Now look at the thumb position in Image #3 below.

Image # 3 - 1 O'clock Thumb Position (click to enlarge)

You can see the thumb is now at the one O’clock position (slightly exaggerated to show contrast). Now look at Image #4 below and notice that with the hand rotated clockwise, the club face isn’t nearly as open as it was in Image #2.

Image #4 - One O'clcok Thumb Position Rotated Clockwise (click to enlarge)

With just the slightest change to your thumb positioning, you can see how much less open your club face is during your down swing. This may be all the tweaking you need to fix a slicing habit. There may be other factors involved, but your club grip says a lot about where your ball will end up. Try this quick adjustment the next time you’re out and see how it works for you. In a matter of time, you too can slice the slice out of your game.