Golf Nets – Your Best Tool

What’s The Best Tool ?

If you were to ask a golfer what the best tool is to learn to play golf or improve you game, many would tell you it’s a putter, training video, grip technique, etc.  Yes, these are all very important.  However, the absolute best tool, in my opinion, is a practice golf net.

practice hitting net

golf net

You see, no matter how many videos  you watch or how many times you practice your grip, it doesn’t mean much unless you can put that knowledge into action.  Hitting the driving range as often as you want isn’t a reality for most people.  If I could get out to the course on a daily basis, I would!

Having a large golf net for taking full-swing practice shots is the only way you’re going to improve.  You have to watch, read, analyze, study and then go out and put what you’ve learned into action.

Normally no bigger than a standard tent, a practice net is similar in design and materials.  A unit normally sets up in less than 5 minutes.  Pricing is normally reasonable from around $80-$250.  When you consider that you’ll be saving on time and gas driving to the range, never mind the bucket of balls, you will pay for your own golf net in no time.  Taking 50-100 swings per day will be easily achieved.  The real beauty will be in seeing your golf game improve.  It’s all about repetition.

If I can offer you one piece of advice, make sure you buy a hitting pad to go along with your net.  The last thing you want is to damage your $500 driver hitting off of a dirt, or worse yet, concrete surface.  Happy practicing.

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