Golf Putting Tips: Getting Your Ball in the Hole

The Do’s and Dont’s of Putting

A game of golf is not easy to play even if it looks otherwise. Once you have hit the ball across the fairway and it lands on the green, your goal now is to get it as near as possible to the hole. Some players even endeavor to get their ball in the hole to make an eagle or a birdie. However, hitting the ball across the fairway and hitting it across the green are two different things.

Putting Defined

Playing golf involves using different kinds of golf swings and golf clubs. For hitting the ball across the fairway, a forceful swing and a heavy wood is needed so that the ball gets to the green. However, the case is different once the ball is in the green. Here, the golf swing must be gentle and a putter must be used so that the ball hopefully goes in the hole.

Putting is one of the shots you have to make in order to get the ball inside the hole. This is not easy to do because you must take into account the surface of the green, the distance of your ball from the whole, how you hit the ball and your overall form and swing. Here are some tricks you can use to improve your putting technique.

Studying Your Opponent

If you are playing golf with your friends, one thing you can do is to observe their putt. Focus on how fast the ball is moving and if it encounters any breaks on the surface of the green. The speed of the ball is crucial especially if the ball is placed far away from the hole. Some players tend to putt their ball hard, thinking that the use of excessive force can drive the ball in the hole but as the ball rolls, it veers off course and ends up ten feet from the hole instead.

Keep Practicing

An unusual tool you can use for your putting practice is a miniature carpenter’s level. This instrument can help you determine the slopes and breaks in the putting green before you make your shot. Relying on this is better than using on your eyesight because what you see is not necessarily what is actually there. If you keep on playing on a particular golf course, taking note of the slopes and breaks in the green can help improve your putting a lot. With this, you are able to guess where the ball will go once you make your shot.

Belly Putting

Instead of conventional putting, you can use the belly putter technique. To make this shot, you need to have a belly putter, a kind of golf club which allows you to use your belly as a fulcrum. Some players prefer this because they are able to hit the ball consistently. It also eliminates the problem of having loose wrists when making a putt.

The key to belly putting is using your putter and your body to make a pendulum-like motion when you hit the ball. You must have to correct form by making sure that your hips are slightly bent forward, your upper back is properly aligned and your knees are at a slight angle. When making the shot, the belly putter must be anchored in the vicinity of your navel and your weight should be on your left foot. Lastly, your body should be parallel to your target and your focus should be on the side of the ball closest to you.

Article was written by Robert Kirk who runs