Golfing and Pregnancy?

I receive a lot of questions from expecting mothers asking if playing golf is safe for them. Now I’m certainly no doctor and I don’t pretend to be, but this caused me to do some research on the subject. It turns out that many health care professionals seem to agree that golfing for pregnant woman is a very doable and beneficial activity.

I say why not. Golfing may not have traditionally been a sport that all age groups or demographics participated in. However, times have changed and now golf transcends age, gender, and social class. When it comes to woman, they are the fastest growing group of people that have taken up golf over the past couple of decades. So why not pregnant women too?

Pregnant woman should get a regular routine of exercise that isn’t very extraneous, especially later in their term. Golfing is the perfect leisurely activity that includes a lot of walking, balance, and fresh air!

So to all the maternal mothers who are expecting, give golf a try or continue to play during your pregnancy. You will likely find an outdoor activity that will stick with you for a lifetime. It would also be a great activity to introduce your little one to once they are a bit older.

If you want info on women and golf or just maternity and pregnancy advice, here are some sites that I recommend.

Women’s Golf Club

Lil Lemon Maternity

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