Nike Giving Up Golf Club Biz

No More Nike


Early in August, 2016, Nike announced that they will no longer manufacture golf clubs, bags and other related items.  They will focus on their usual line-up of clothing and footwear.  Probably not a big deal for the casual golfer, but what about the pros who have been Nike golfers?  The list is long and impressive, but none are more impressive than Tiger Woods and Rory McIIroy.

As soon as news spread of Nike’s departure from the golfing arena, other well-known manufacturers have been lining up to convert the likes of Tiger and Rory over to their brands.  It’s been reported that Tiger’s house looks like a PGA Tour store with all the sample clubs being sent to him.  Having a major name like these could certainly propel a club manufacturer to new heights.  Good news for those lucky enough to have such a high profile golfer attach their name to your clubs.

What’s not so good news is those golfers on tour that now have to struggle with the lengthy process of selecting a new set of clubs.  Doing so for some may not be a big deal, for others it’s the difference between failure and success.  This is a big change after you’ve been comfortable with the same set for a number of years.  Only time will tell which golfers choose which brand.  Either way, for better or worse, Nike is out of the game.

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