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Golfing and Pregnancy?

I receive a lot of questions from expecting mothers asking if playing golf is safe for them. Now I’m certainly no doctor and I don’t pretend to be, but this caused me to do some research on the subject. It turns out that many health care professionals seem to agree that golfing for pregnant woman […]

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Nike Giving Up Golf Club Biz

No More Nike   Early in August, 2016, Nike announced that they will no longer manufacture golf clubs, bags and other related items.  They will focus on their usual line-up of clothing and footwear.  Probably not a big deal for the casual golfer, but what about the pros who have been Nike golfers?  The list […]

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Hackler Golf Course Review – Coastal Carolina University

Guest Post: Course Review: Hackler Course The Hackler Course at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach may sound like one of the new Myrtle Beach golf courses, but it’s actually one that has been around and pleasing golfers for a while. The former Quail Creek golf course was renamed the Hackler Course in November of […]

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Focus On All Clubs, Not Just One

As a golfer you may find yourself focusing on a specific club or club type to improve your hits. Although you may be tempted to practice only on hitting with your driver for several days or weeks, you may be hurting your overall swing. This is especially true for beginners. Everyone wants to drive the […]

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Interesting Golf Pictures

Here’s just a collection of some golf images that we find interesting for one reason or another.  Feel free to submit your own interesting, funny or otherwise, golf pictures and we’ll load it here. We always appreciate visitor input here at the Backyard Golfer.      

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Gifts for the Golfing Dad

If your dad loves to watch/play golf, a golf related gift would be ideal to give him for birthdays, Christmases, or any special occasion. If you’re a golf lover yourself then why not treat yourself to one of these brilliant gifts that have caught my attention: Caution Golf Mug This Caution Golf Mug grabbed my […]

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Places To Golf – Sarasota, Florida

Nothing could be much better than playing golf in Florida, especially in Sarasota. There are many options available in the Sarasota and all of them are enjoyable and challenging in their own way. There is one course that comes to mind that you should experience the next time you’re in the Sarasota area. Try the […]

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“Ball’s Eye View” Images

So this is nothing more than our way of having some fun with taking pictures around the course. We think a ground-level perspective of the ball can create some interesting images. Golf is played for the love of the challenge, the feel of a great shot, but you can’t deny the beauty of the course […]

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The Coyote and Roadrunner Play Golf

Golfing obviously involves being outdoors and is a great way to get out and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer, even if it is man-made. I’ve seen a lot of incredibly amazing golf courses, but when I play on one that has wildlife incorporated into it, it makes the experience that much better. But […]

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Executive Golf Courses

Executive golf courses are normally 9-hole courses that have shorter distances than standard length courses. They are often used by beginners who haven’t quite found the range in their game. They’re also popular for those who don’t have 3 or 4 hours to play on a traditional course. Everyone can benefit from an executive course […]

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